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Clinical Assessments

Clinical Research at Patanjali Research Foundation focuses on clinical variables using bedside assessments used in clinical monitoring and basic clinical equipment’s:
  • Sagittal Abdominal Diameter (Holtain Ltd, UK) to assess the fat deposited in the gut region (visceral fat).
  • Body Composition Analyzer (Maltron, UK) to measure the body fat, muscle mass and level of hydration of research participants. Particularly useful to assess the body fat in obese.
  • Leg & Back Dynamometer (Takei Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd., Japan) to assess the strength of leg & back of the research participants.
  • Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer (Lafayette Instrument Company, USA) to assess the grip strength of the research participants.
  • Pinch Guage (Jamar, USA) to assess the finger pinch gauge can be used to pinch strength.
  • Stability Platform (Lafayette Instrument Company, USA) to assess the balancing ability, successfully performing many activities.
  • Goniometer (Sammons Preston Rolyan, USA) to assess the joint angles and movement.

A participant is being assessed for body composition using a bio-impedance body composition analyzer (Maltron BF-907, UK).

Goniometry: Goniometry with respect to major joint movements.

Goniometry: Goniometry with respect to minor joint movements.

A subject standing on the stability platform (Lafayette Instrument Company, USA) with the support of the hand rail to measure the weight distribution.