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Clinical Neuroscience

The Clinical Neuroscience laboratory at Patanjali Research Foundation focuses on yoga and neuroscience. The Clinical Neuroscience section is well equipped with the following equipment’s:
  • A 64 channel EEG+ERP system (actiCHamp, Brain products GmbH, Germany) and 32 channels digital electroencephalograph (Neurotravel LIGHT, ATES MEDICA Device, Italy) to measure spontaneous and evoked electrical activity of the brain associated with yoga practice along with neural conduction following presentation of a stimulus noninvasively for possible research in therapeutic yoga.
  • A 16 channel functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIR Imager 1000, fNIR devices LLC, USA) and 8 channel NIRs imaging system (NIRSport, NIRx Medical Technologies LLC, USA) to measure hemodynamic changes in the brain associated with yoga practice.
  • A 8 channel Nicolet EDX system (Natus, USA) to measure evoked responses i.e., an electrical potential recorded from the brain following presentation of a stimulus associated with corticoefferent activity generated by yoga practice.
  • Transcranial doppler sonography (Digi-Lite, RIMEDLTD, Israel) to measure hemodynamics of blood flow in the major cerebral arteries associated with yoga practice.

Recording room: A participant is fitted with scalp electrodes and wearing acoustically shielded earphone to record auditory evoked potentials.

The monitoring room: A participant is observed through closed circuit television while recording evoked potentials using Nicolet EDX system, USA.

A participant can be seen fitted with the electrode cap of ActiChamp Brain products GmbH, Germany to record EEG from multiple scalp sites.

EEG waveforms and low-resolution electromagnetic tomography (LORETA) recorded from various scalp sites using high density electroencephalography of ActiChamp Brain products GmbH, Germany.

Transcranial doppler system (Digi-Lite, RIMEDLTD, Israel) to record for cerebral artery velocities and pulsatility indices.